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Personal data

What we store.

We store the name, email, location and institute that you provide, and the current date.

Why we store.

We are funded by UK government grants (e.g. EPSRC). As part of these grants, the issuing bodies like to see impact. In our case, impact is achieved by researchers all over the world using our software. By storing this data, we are able to provide audit data about the number of people we claim use our software.

What we will use the data for.

We will only use it to count the number of people using the software for audit purposes. We will claim that number in future grant applications. In the grant application we may give examples of the countries of users (to give an indication of how widespread use is). We will not refer to specific institutions or people.

We will not provide the data to anyone else. We are unlikely to email you (so far in two years we have not emailed anyone who has provided their details).

Your rights to delete.

Just send us an email if you want us to delete your data (but please consider that we are using the numbers of users in grant applications - so the more the better.)