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Release date: 21/04/2015Version: 2.5.0

We offer 32-Bit and 64-Bit editions of Framework4 for download. The 64-bit version offers support for larger files but requires a 64-bit operating system to be installed. If you are unsure what architecture you have please click here to check, or use the 32-bit download.

Our software is free to download

Download 32-Bit (Windows Installer)

Download 64-Bit (Windows Installer)

Download Demo Data (Zip Archive)

Note: This software requires a windows operating system (support for Windows 7 and Windows 8). We recommend a minimum of 4GB of RAM. Please if you encounter any problems with the software we ask that you contact us and we will provide a solution or assist wherever possible to provide a solution.

Video Tutorials

The following video tutorials provide quick start tutorials to using Framework4 for analysis on your data. We cover the basics from loading your data files up to performing dead reckoning to obtain actual movement paths.

Installing Framework4

A video tutorial on how to install Framework4 on your computer.

Loading Data

A video tutorial on how to load data into Framework4.

Deriving Attributes

A video tutorial for how to derive data attributes in Framework4. Specifically, we cover deriving VeDBA and static & dynamic components of acceleration.

Manually Labelling Data

A video tutorial for how to manually label animal behavior in Framework4.

Behavior Search Wizard

A video tutorial for how to use our search wizard for labelling animal behavior in Framework4.

Performing Dead Reckoning (Includes GPS Correction)

A video tutorial for calculating movement trajectories from smart sensor data utilising dead reckoning.

Validation of Dead Reckoning

A video of the validation of our dead reckoning and corrected dead reckoning approach utilising ground truth video data.

Exporting Data and Project

A video of exporting and importing project files, as well as derived data.


Forthcoming - Est. 27/05/2015.